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SimuLab – Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the best answer when you want your company to focus on its core business, cut expenses without compromising on quality and speed time to market.

Focus on your core business! Outsource your MATLAB®/SIMULINK® projects to SimuLab. We guarantee high quality applications adherent to specifications and delivered within the agreed upon time frame and budget.

Our staff member are highly experienced and have been, over the years, involved in many development projects. SimuLab utilizes project management and system engineering methods proven to ensure your project delivery on: Spec, Time and Budget.

The main pre-project steps include:

  • Understanding and identifying your needs
  • Meeting with your team to discuss the problem to be solved
  • Review your current plans/solution

Model-Based Design solution include:

  • Algorithmic design & modeling using Mathworks products
  • “Translation” of Matlab/Fortran/C into Simulink Models
  • Creating generic custom toolboxes
  • Integration of legacy C-Code into Simulink blocks
  • Automatic code generation using RTW/RTW Embedded Coder
  • Verification & Validation

Interop solutions:

  • Simulink, RTW & RHAPSODY Integration inc. RT/Embedded
  • Simulink, MATLAB & .Net Integration
  • Matlab .NET Integration

Financial solutions:

  • Financial engineering modeling, implementation and deployment

Focus on your core business!

Let us focus on ours! Let SimuLab be the source for your Simulink and MATLAB outsourcing!