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SimuLab – Consulting

Our consultants possess years of industry experience in algorithm development solving real-world problems. They have accumulated vast experience and an extensive knowledge base in designing, planning, implementing and testing.

Our staff can guide your development team and help your team overcome problematic or complex development issues.

SimuLab consultants help get your project running by:

  • Understanding and identifying your needs
  • Reviewing your approach and plans
  • Providing advanced, project-specific and hands-on assistance

SimuLab consultants can support you in all phases of design, including:

  • Requirements specification
  • Mathematical modeling and algorithm design
  • Analysis
  • Operations research
  • Simulation and model integration
  • Testing and Validation

We will assist you in taking the right route in your development project.

SimuLab is your right choice. We can shorten considerably your team’s learning curve or implement your system as a contractor.